Rich Inner Life (oatmeal) wrote,
Rich Inner Life

rambling like nash.

I don't even know what a Nash Rambler was. a car of some sort. was / is? whatever.

point is: a) this is not the world we wanted to build. b) I have had 5 days with no work or no school. am now officially bored. Still very few friends in Chico. c) when we are bored our thoughts to turn to revolution. this is probably why we invented gruntwork in the first place.

anyhow. I am probably comin' up to Portland this June sometime for a week or so -- are there any events I should plan on trying to attend? let me know so I can make sure to be there on appropriate dates.

Been reading more sci-fi and fantasy, and picked up the Chushingura again -- that is a sure sign I am bored, when I start talkin' about the Space Samurai sci-fi oater I will never actually get around to writing. though I have all this time now, I should write something, it will probably be screed. Man the world just ticks me off sometimes. Aren't we as people ultimately in charge, as a group, of how we organize ourselves? of course we are. So why the hell are we organized this way, with so many people and so many things either unhappy or underfed or undermedicined or destructive or self-destructive or some combination of the above?

yeah I know people will say 'but this is the best system we've got, even if it's not great,' but that is of course a load of bull. we could make a better system if we were really willing to put our backs into it. So what would a better world look like to you?

For me it basically boils down to two things: bikes and education. Everything you need is in biking distance, cars are communally owned and reserved only for emergencies, kids go to school 6 days a week and everyone understands and lives that the basic goal of a society is to produce intelligent, kind, thoughtful kids.

But yours will be different, of course, and I am curious about what it is for you?
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