Rich Inner Life (oatmeal) wrote,
Rich Inner Life

If medication weren't so expensive, the internet would go out of business.

went to joanie's wedding this weekend. I've only in the last couple of years started to care about my siblings, and I still haven't really sorted out how I feel about Joanie, let alone her getting married to some drunk frat guy. (Brent. . . what to say? he's . . . he tries. he may not actually try to like Joanie's family, but he tries to act like he does, at least, which is decent of him, I suppose. There were some slightly awkward moments during the varies Wedding Events in which it was clear that from the planners point of view this was All About Brent. *sigh* whatever.)

but that's not what this is about. I had Morganne with me, and there were lots of interesting interactions -- with her, with family, with unknown people, with my mom's husband -- who apparently still doesn't get that I don't like him *double shrug*.

Being with Morganne was awesome, of course -- we don't often spend this much consecutive time together, but there was very little awkward stuff; we just turn into the best father / daughter team around. I have a bunch of photos that will go up on facebook, and maybe flickr too, soon. And Morganne and Tevra (my brother's girlfriend) got along wonderfully -- it was nice for Morg to have a lady to talk to.

It was all about relationships, of course. Joanie and Brent, drinking and teasing. Dad and Tina, pragmatic but fun. Christina and Spas, harpy and harpee, but they're both happy with it. Made me realize a few things -- that it's just dumb of me to date people who I don't see as long term partner-prospects, people who like kids and whose daydreams involve some sort of family life; I chased sex for 10 years or so and that was interesting and often fun, but not something I really want to do anymore. Being at this wedding, flirting with people vaguely but not really being terribly interested in it. Growing up? something. and of course the background loneliness that propels all that crap.

good talks with several people; time spent with Mike, Tevra, my cousins Ruth and Michael. Seeing Cousin Nathan, who I never get to talk to for as long as I'd like too -- but he impresses me more every time I see him. Got stuck with Robin and Zack at every turn of the way because "morganne and zach entertain each other," which really means 'morganne entertains zach.' grumble. everyone tells me I need to stick around 'cause I'm a good male role model etc. for Zach. which is BS -- if I were actually trying to make an impression on Zach I would start cracking down on him -- throw out his baby food, disallow Robin from touching his homework or school projects. I don't want to bear some sort of onus of responsibility for the most helpless, pampered 12-year-old in the world.

more, but I'm out of self-pity and cheap introspection right this second.
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