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This is what happens next.

Rich Inner Life
22 January 1979
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Should we be serious and polite and conventional about this? we should:

After orbitting the sun 28.5 times, our hero finds himself trapped in the most devious trap of all: a body. At one point, he knows, he simply thought a thing and it happened, and the thinking and the doing were one thing. Now he must negotiate with this tangle of limbs skin hair for every step. The body is insane; sometimes it itches or twitches for no good reason; or simply to prove it can.

But it experiences time well; it rides out the ups and downs of this temporal, physical existence, it lends a dimensionality and story to what would otherwise only be a jumble of impressions. On full consideration, the body is not a bad thing.

Our hero considers using this body to go and find a new job. He considers asking it to carry him around so that he can study or wade through red tape or make strange arts that go bump in the night. He considers many things, often.

He does not trust his leaders or himself. In short: he is perfectly normal.
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